Ryan "Hippo" Hipwood

Ryan "Hippo" Hipwood

Ryan Hipwood was born August 23, 1985, on the Gold Coast, Australia.A natural ocean talent who turned his back on the normal path of competitive surfing. Obsessed by the ride rather than the title Hippo spends his time chasing the ultimate wave around the globe.

At only 26 years of age his achievements are very notable:

  • Winner Cloud 9 Quiksilver invitational 2007
  • Runner up in the 2009 $50 000  XXL Billabong ride of the year for his air born stunts at Shipsterns Bluff Tasmania
  • Winner Nixon $10 000 WTA – Heaviest wave Teahopou Tahiti 2008
  • Winner World  tow in championship 2009  chile
  • 2ND Place Oakley/ ASL Biigest slab award 2010
  • Winner Waves black knight award 2010
  • Nominee xxl awards 2011/12 for a massive paddle in wave Fiji 2011

Ryan is always searching the globe looking for that next swell , perfect, big waves and redefining whats possible in the sport of surfing

Other sponsors: Monster, DHD surfboards and Far King surf accessories.

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Hippo - Cloudbreak

Ryan Hipwood Showreel

THE OPENING WEBSITE VID 1 from ryan hipwood on Vimeo.

Hippo Tahiti Tow Wave

Hippo Tahiti tow wave from ryan hipwood on Vimeo.

Ryan Hipwwod Shipsterns

PADDLE SESSION @ SHIPSTERNS from ryan hipwood on Vimeo.